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As the name implies, the Ergon GE1 EVO Grips are the evolution of the original GE1 grip. The EVO takes things even further by increasing the grip available and reducing the amount of strength required to hold onto the bars, reducing the risks of arm pump or numbness in the hands. Ergon has achieved this by adjusting the texture of the grip against the direction of hand rotation so your hands will almost feel like they are screwing onto the grip. The grip surface extends all the way to the outer edge, eliminating any discomfort or hot spots that outer clamps can cause and the grip surface is aligned at 8° to the handlebar axis and against the backsweep. This naturally puts the rider into an elbows out position which maximises stability and control. The thumb area is optimised to maximise comfort and the inner core is tuned with varying wall thicknesses to provide more rubber where the most damping is required. 

Who's this item for: This grip is designed for Enduro riders and racers who are looking for more comfort, grip and a precise grip.

Mounting style: These are a slip-on grip with a single inner clamp so you can run your hands right out on the end of the bars without the discomfort that outer clamps can cause.

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