Scott Mattern: All Things Bike

Scott Mattern: All Things Bike

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If you're in and about the gravel scene, you've probably come across local legend Scott Mattern. Reading some of his work (see below), shows us that really anything is possible on a bike. His work gives you that 'let go ride' kind of vibe, so it's no wonder we jumped at the chance to support Scott in his adventures.  

Recently we asked Scott 'what makes him tick'? 

Scott - It is passion for adventure that has driven me to provide a platform for me to connect with other likeminded individuals to explore and document the possibilities of exploring Australia. This documentation has been through the medium of words and photography.

My involvement in bike adventuring is part Social Media and/or long form story telling. If it's a bit different and fun, then I'm into it.  

What bikes do you currently have in your fleet? 

Road, Gravel, Mountain if it somewhere interesting on a bike I’m into it.

Road/Gravel Bike: Specialized Crux 

Gravel/Trail Bikepacking Rig: Specialized Epic

Mountain Bike: Specialized Stumpjumper

Where can we follow your adventures?

You can follow Scott's adventures on Instagram.

Current Supporters

Roll Cycles, Specialized Aus, MAAP Apparel and Wahoo Systems

Scott's Recent Work

The Radavist - Aus Gravel National Champs

The Radavist - Craft in Tasmania

You'll see us share plenty of Scott's adventures on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

You can follow Scott's adventures on Instagram.

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