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Lighter, Cooler, MIPS Helmet If you like a massive amount of air moving through your helmet you'll be more than impressed with the BELL SUPER AIR R HELMET which incorporates 18 helmet vents plus an additional 8 in the chin bar, along with a further 4 ports in the brow. The interior sweat guide channels moisture out of your way where it is quickly absorbed by the X-Static helmet padding which employs quick-drying materials, woven with real silver fibres to also inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi.

Removable Chin-Guard For Extra Protection Weighing in at just 640g, the 2020 BELL SUPER AIR R HELMET is considerably lighter than the previous version (by 144g) and is aimed at trail riders who are looking for extra protection. It comes with a removable chin-guard which can be secured quickly and easily via two metal clips. Although the chin bar has not been officially approved as reliable DH protection it will definitely protect your skull and serve you well as a "skid plate for your face". If the Chin Guard is not an essential for you then perhaps consider the SUPER AIR HELMET. It is the same lid and offers the option to purchase the Chin Bar separately at a later date.

Technology That Might Just Save Your Neck The SUPER AIR R HELMET features BELL's class-leading Flex Spherical + MIPS technology which uses an EPP (expanded polypropylene) inner shell inside the EPS outer shell. Each is coated with Teflon so they slide smoothly. In the event of a crash, the MIPS and Flex Spherical systems allow the two "helmet shells" to rotate against each other in order to reduce the impact force. Bell's Float Fit System ensures that the Super Air R will stay in place and fit your head properly. This is the kind of technology that could just save your life or prevent a catastrophic brain injury and that's why it's understandably, and absolutely, worth the investment.

Goggle Guides, Adjustable Visors And More Trail, All-Mountain and Enduro riders already expect helmet features like integrated breakaway camera mounts, X-Static padding, goggle guides, and adjustable visors - and all of these are present in the BELL SUPER AIR R. Trust us, when it comes to great value for money this helmet gives you all the best reasons in the world to add it to your kit.

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