100% Surpass Knee Guard

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The 100% Surpass offers the high levels of impact protection demanded by Downhill and Enduro riders.  With a protective plastic cup, strategically placed foam padding and a rubberised outer skin, your knees will be well protected from the rocks, roots and compacted dirt waiting for you on the trails.

Who's this item for: They are designed primarily with Downhill and Enduro riders in mind. However, they are well ventilated and come with a pedal-friendly internal elastic flex joint so could be used for Trail riding as well.

Protection Style: They have a mix of both hard plastic and foam padding. The ventilated hard plastic knee cup helps protect from abrasions and works together with the foam padding to offer a level 2 impact protection rating.

Materials: They feature a hard plastic knee cap, perimeter foam padding, a rubber outer skin with an elastic flex joint and a silicone internal webbing.
Closure or Slip-on: These are a slip-on style knee pad with a cinch on the thigh and calf for added security. They also feature a tacky silicone internal elastic webbing to prevent slippage. 

Length of knee pad: They offer protection from above the knee to midway down the calf.
Protection level: They offer heavy-duty level 2 impact protection.

Removable protective inserts for washing: No removable inserts.

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