Pro Brake Bleed Kit Inc Fluid

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This is SRAM and Avid's top of the line bleed kit. It uses premium quality syringes that are a pleasure to use time and time again.

Includes everything you need to bleed a set of SRAM or Avid brakes.


Kit Includes:

2 x High quality, O-Ring Sealed Syringes for DOT Fluid ONLY.

2 x O-Rings for the main seals on the syringes

2 x Standard Adaptors/Hoses to screw into most Avid/SRAM Brakes (these have metal fittings)

1 x Bleeding Edge Adaptor/Hose to screw into newer SRAM Brakes

Torx Head Key for accessing Bleed Ports

Assorted Brake Pad / Piston Spacers

4 x Replacement Olives

4 x Replacement Barbs

Assorted Spare O-Rings for Brakes/Syringe Fittings

1 x 120ml Bottle of DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid 

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